Business hours are Monday to Friday 9.30am to 4.30pm.

Please contact Debbie McFarlane 0418-898-253 or Suzanne Theil 0488-539-977 or email your queries anytime and we will respond as soon as possible. 

How do you collect the rent?

Tenants are provided with two options for payment.

1.  Direct credit via the internet or branch deposit

2.  Direct debit from their bank

These options make it quick and easy for tenants to pay rent therefore reducing the problem of arrears.

How do you check prospective tenants?

We conduct personal inspections of properties with prospective tenants.  To apply for a property a prospective tenant is required to complete a detailed application form and supply a past tenancy history in addition to employment and personal references.  This form is checked thoroughly.

What is the average length of a tenancy?

It is most common in the rental of residential properties that the tenancies are arranged for fixed periods (eg) six or twelve months at a time, these being renegotiated at the expiry of the tenancy agreement.  The tenant is responsible for both the property, the rent and water usage for the term of the tenancy agreeement.



How much do you charge?

We pride ourselves on the level of service given to our clients on every occasion. We think it is wise for a landlord to consider all aspects of property management in coming to a decision to appoint an agent. Fees are only one component, although important and a decision should never be made based on this solely. We invite you to contact our office for us to appraise your property and discuss the management package that suits your requirements.

How quickly can you find a tenant for my property?

Once a Residental Management Agreement is signed with our company, we can commence marketing your property straight away.  Your property is quickly placed on our website and realestate.com.au.  It is important that your property is presented in the best possible condition and at a market rent.  This should ensure that the property is leased within a short period of time.  Prevailing market conditions will also have an impact on the vacancy period.  Simply it is our aim to lease your property at the highest possible rent to the most suitable tenant in the shortest possible time.

Can I determine the rental price for my property?

It is important that you appreciate that it is not the Property Manager that puts a price on your property, but the rental market itself.  In most cases, properties rent quickly when they are priced correctly in the beginning.  At the end of the day, you are the landlord and we will list your property for the figure you feel is the right price.  We all want the best possible tenant with minimal vacancy period and maximum rental return.  Please let us know if you would like to further discuss the price or marketing of your property.

Can I choose the tenant?

We have many years experience and are most concious of the importance of tenant selection in successful property management and have a stringent tenant application process.  We reference check every tenant that applies for your property.  In most cases we recommend the most appropriate tenant for your property, but will consult you therefore allowing you to make the final decision.

Can you guarantee that the tenant will pay the rent and not damage my property?

Unfortunately, no agent can guarantee that because sometimes somthing completely unforeseen can go wrong for the tenant (eg) they lose their job, become sick or have a break-up.  The critical keys to reducing the possibility of these incidents occurring are with careful tenant selection and strick arrears control.  You as a landlord can insure yourself against these occurrences with a special insurance policy.

Can SA Property Management pay my properties accounts?

Whilst we are prepared to accept instructions to pay your accounts for rates, strata fees, water etc unless notices are received when payments are due, we can not be held responsible for non-payment of accounts.  Payments for mortgages may not be made.



Do I have to see the property before I apply?

Yes, you or your representative must view the property before we will accept an application for a property .

How do I apply?

After viewing the property, you can complete an application form obtained either by email, at the open inspection or from our office.  Once you have completed the application please email, fax or drop it into our office for processing.

Are there any upfront charges?

When you sign your Residential Tenancy Agreement, we ask that you pay your first two weeks rent to secure the property.  Before we hand over the keys to the property the bond must have been paid.  The bond monies collected will be forwarded to the tenancies branch of OCBA.

How do I get my bond back?

At the end of your tenancy, you will be sent notification of your final inspection time.  We will then complete a report where we note any changes to the condition of the property after comparing this to the condition at the beginning of the tenancy.  If the property is in substantially the same condition (allowing for fair wear and tear) then we complete a bond refund form which you will also need to sign and take it into OCBA or post it.

How often can you inspect the property during my tenancy?

Under the Residential Tenancies act, we will conduct our inspection within the first 4-6 weeks and every 3 months thereafter with written notification made to you.



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